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Innovative tool clamping systems.

When it comes to clamping cutting tools, collet technology cannot be beaten in terms of precision and force in relation to reliability and cost-effectiveness.

CENTRO|P Precision Collet Chucks provide this technology with decisive impulses for decades.

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CENTRO|P revolutionises collet chuck and collet clamping technology, putting it ahead of the competition with respect to precision, clamping force, flexibility and price-performance.

  • Precision - 3µm System Accuracy
  • Clamping Force - Higher holding torque upto 300 Nm
  • Flexibility - Universally usable for drilling, reaming, milling, for HPC/HSC and for tapping.
  • Price Performance - Vibration dampening, increase in tool life, increase in machine spindle life.


Contstant system accuracy with FAHRION GER-HP collets ≤ 3µm
With GER-B collets, system accuracy is ≤ 6µm

Vibrations are absorbed by the collets.

The unique design of FAHRION HPC clamping nut with trapeziodal thread and double-length guide CENTRO|P is powerful and ideal for high performance cutting


FAHRION collets DIN6499/ISO15488-B(ER/ESX) set the standards of concentricity and repeatability.

  • GER11-B upto GER40-B 5µm
  • GER11-HP upto GER40-HP 2µm
  • GER-HPD sealed collets 2µm and 5µm
  • GER-HPDD High Precision Coolant Collets with Jet Hole 2µm
  • GER-GBD Tapping Collets 10µm

Collets are with 12 slots compared to 16 slots leading to less tendency to distort.

For over 40 years, Schüssler has been synonymous with realising new ideas and inventiveness with a love of precision. This explains why we are constantly investing - to ensure our machinery remains at the forefront of technological development in offering high-precision tool holders.

Product Range

Collet chucks, ER and ER "Mini"

  • Shrink fit holder
  • End mill holder weldon
  • Tool holders with coolant for "Cool Tool" tool
  • Shell mill holders, and many more
All tool holders are available in all standard taper shanks, such as:
  • HSK-40/50/63/100 Form A and E
  • SK 40 and 50 DIN 69871 Form ADB
  • MAS BT 30 / 40
All types of tool holders are available in various lengths as a standard


    The drive slots on the HSK-taper are hard reworked during machining with taper grinding, thus guaranteeing a 100 % symmetry of the HSK-slots. As a result, we get a perfect seat and torque transfer in the spindle.
    • perfect runout of clamping shoulder (max. 0.01 instead of up to 0.04 according to DIN)
    • highest runout accuracy
    • maximum clamping force
    • maximum radial rigidity
  3. ALL HOLDERS ARE FINE BALANCED (to G2.5, 25,000 MIN -1)
    • smooth and bearing protecting spindle run
    • longer spindle life cycle
    • maximum tool life
    • better milling quality

Runout tolerance of the different tool holder types:

Tool Holder Type Runout A < 160 Runout A >= 160
Endmill holder Weldon, Collet chuck, Schrumpffutter, Whistle Notch-Aufnahmen Shrink fit holder, End mill holder Whistle Notch <= 3µm <= 4µm
Shell mill holder, Combi shell mill holder <= 6µm <= 6µm
Morse taper adapter <= 8µm

Highest quality and precision as well as constant innovation in the precision tooling technology and other components are based on over 40 years of rich experience. This is what HAM offers for the worldwide market.

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Precision Drilling

  • Solid carbide drills 0.1 to 16 mm up to 12D as standard
  • Solid carbide deep hole drills up to 40D
  • Solid carbide drills straight flute for cast iron and Aluminium
  • PCD drills dia 3-20 up to 10D
  • PCD step drills


  • solid carbide tools for milling
  • carbide-, diamond- and CBN-tools
  • Milling for pre and precise machining
  • solid carbide and diamond tools for the mould and die industry
  • Solid carbide with diamond-coated milling tools for graphite and non-ferrous materials

Machining of Advanced Materials

Efficient and qualified machining of new or exotic materials such as CFRP, GRP, Honeycomb, Titanium and Aluminium require extraordinary demand to cutting materials, geometries and coatings.

HAM products are meeting these challenges and are offering:
solid carbide tools, diamond coated tools, PCD tipped tools

The ideal blend of experience, reliability and precision: over 20 years and trust faithful to our experience. These long years of experience in construction and tool making help us to fulfill every task perfectly.

We provide customized solutions and guarantee our clients a smooth production in different industries. Whether PCD, CBN, cermet or carbide, each tool is manufactured on modern machines of the highest quality. Consulting, design and production always work while on short paths hand in hand, always with an eye for detail.

PCD Special Tools

  • PCD Special tools
  • Boring tools
  • Milling cutters
  • Solid carbide specials
  • Cermet Tools
  • CBN inserts
  • Special profile PCD inserts

Product Variants

  • PCD tools with HSK shank
  • PCD tools with SK/BT shanks
  • PCD tools with cylindrical shanks
  • PCD tools with radial and axial compensation system
  • PCD tools with shrinking of carbide shank
  • PCD profile inserts

The synergy of high precision tooling solutions and rich expertise, we offer complete total tooling solutions right from process engineering, time study, tooling package, fixturing and installation and prove out at customer site.